IIT Goa Invites Applications from Students for 3-week Online Research Internship

IIT Goa has invited applications from students pursuing their masters in physics for 3-week online research internship at its School of Physical Sciences

IIT Goa is currently offering 3-week online research for students pursuing their masters in physics. Applications are being accepted for online research internships at the School of Physical Sciences, IIT Goa, under Accelerating Vigyaan Scheme, Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB). Selected candidates will get to work on a project titled “Probing the QCD matter produced at RHIC and LHC”.

The main objective of the online research internship is to groom students, primarily from universities, colleges, private academic institutions and newly established institutes, in their scientific career pursuits by developing dedicated research skills through research internships in the field of high energy nuclear physics. Students who have secured 60 percent in their BSc and are now pursuing MSc in physics may apply for the IIT Goa research internship.

How to Apply for IIT Goa Online Research Internship

Interested and eligible candidates will have to submit online applications through the dedicated Google form before 29 September 2021 at 6 pm IST. Applicants will need to submit a no-objection certificate (NOC) from their supervisor, head of the department, or the head of the institute, indicating their association with the institute, hence allowing their student to undergo internship if selected. Students will need to use their Google accounts to submit the form, and the name and photo associated with the Google account will be recorded when candidates upload files and submit the form. Some of the details required are as follows:

  • E-mail address.
  • Name, and gender.
  • Phone number.
  • Institute, university or college that the student in associated with.
  • Curriculum vitae, BSc mark sheet, and no objection certificate will have to be submitted in pdf format.

The contact person with regard to the IIT Goa online research internship is Dr Santosh Kumar Das, Assistant Professor, School of Physical Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Goa at santosh@iitgoa.ac.in.