IIT Roorkee wins Smart Move Innovative Urban Mobility Challenge, organized by MoHUA

IIT Roorkee won the Smart Move Innovative Urban Mobility Challenge. The team decided to develop an Interactive Passenger Information System. Details here.

Key HighlightsThe Smart Move Innovative Urban Mobility Challenge was recently won by IIT Roorkee.IIT Roorkee’s team developed the Interactive Passenger Information System and also integrated a route planning algorithm and real time crowding levels.As many as 80 teams participated in the Smart Move Innovative Urban Mobility Challenge.
Indian Institute of Technology or IIT Roorkee recently won the Smart Move Innovative Urban Mobility Challenge. The Challenge was organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs or MoHUA. Further, it has been supported by the National Institute of Urban Affairs, GIZ India, and Smart City Mission.

The research team of IIT Roorkee comprised of Professor Amit Agarwal, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee, The team also comprised his students Mr. Arpit Shrivastava, Ms. Itisha Jain, and Mr. Devesh Pratap Singh. IIT Roorkee’s team was awarded at the 4th annual Urban Mobility Conference. The team received the award from the Secretary of MoHUA Shri Durga Shanker Mishra.

IIT Roorkee’s team developed an interactive passenger information system that intends to predict the level of crowding in the public transit system. Professor Ajit. K. Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee congratulated the team on its success. He said, “The work of the winning team amplifies the attractiveness of public transport. This will reduce our dependence on private motorized transport which is an important goal to address the adverse environmental impact of private transport.”

Professor Amit Agarwal, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee mentioned that the consistency of the students as well the ecosystem of the institute helped to make the final award-winning product. He said, “The developed products are efficacious to empower and encourage the populace to adopt a revamped transportation system. The information system will not only boost the transit ridership but also ensure equity for all user segments to enhance overall convenience and empower the decision-making of public transit users in planning the safest journey in COVID recovering times and the time after it.”

The Smart Move Innovative Urban Mobility Challenge that was organized in November 2020 saw the participation of 80 teams. After a thorough screening, the top 10 teams were given the opportunity to develop the product and present the same to the jury on October 21. The top 3 proposals selected amongst this, would be given joint contracts that would be of Rs 20,00,000. Further, the minimum value of the contract would be Rs 5,00,000. Further, the winning teams would also be given the opportunity to present their solution to the Smart City Mission of the Government of India.